I have been researching and studying alternative health for over 35 years now.  It is my passion and my mission to help others optimize their health to the highest level possible.  That way life becomes the most enjoyable journey ever!  To your greatest health!
– Connie

Life Is Too Short!

Your health is your most important asset.
-Dr Carlos Santo

We all hear all the time that our health is important and that without it nothing else matters. However, how many of us really pay attention to that? When my doctor tells me that my health is my most important asset, I think, “Sure, he would think that, after all he is a doctor.”

When I think of my most important asset it ranges from people who are important to me like family and loved ones, to my special traits like compassion and courage. Of course I know how important my health is to me, but in all honesty, in general, my health is always good and doesn’t require much thought.

Have you heard this before: cigarette smokers don’t believe cigarettes will kill them, the proof being cigarettes have never killed them before. That’s how we are with our health–because we have never faced a difficutly with our health, we think it will always be there. Then one day when it is not, you realize it truly is your most important asset.

For quite some time now, I have dealt with acute depression that simply paralyzed me. Yes, I could still function somewhat, but a broken leg would have been easier for me to manage than a depressed spirit, not that I want that either. Why is that? Remember one of the things I listed as what I feel is an important asset to me, compassion. Well, all that came to a halt. I could not do anything because of this acute depression.

Why, because of my health. Well, I am happy to say, it’s back. Finally the battle feels over. This episode really reconfirmed Dr Carlos’s words. You see, at the end of the day all the assets you value have no value to you, or you to them, without your health. Without your health you cannot enjoy the privileges of life. Your emotional side might consider your loved ones your most important asset, but you are a drain on them and cannot enjoy them if your health suffers. The logical side might consider your job, your skills, or your physical assets as the most important. Once again, you cannot enjoy them or partake in them with fading health.

I can tell you that just because a cigarette hasn’t killed you, the likelihood is that if you smoke, it will. In that same light, just because you woke up feeling healthy today, it doesn’t guarantee that you will tomorrow. Don’t wait to face obstacles before you take action. The best medicine is preventative medicine.

Watch what you eat.
Take vitamins and supplements that fit your needs
Drink plenty of water
Laugh every day…very good for the health
And don’t be lazy, get your checkups

Do all that and more. In fact you know you can take better care of yourself, so do it. Think of it this way, what would you do with an asset that was worth googobs of money? The answer is obvious; you would do all you can do to protect it and take care of it. So since your health is not only your most important asset, it is also a priceless asset, do everything you can to take care of it.

Connie Clark
Wellness Consultant/Coach

Wellness products and information available upon request.

(Excerpts borrowed from Devlyn Steele)